Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is Canada About to Descend Into An America-Style Abyss by Cheapening Our Broadcast Regulations?

Below is my submission to the Canadian Radio, Television & Telecommunications Commission. That powerful body seems poised to grant the wishes of a parliamentary committee by loosening the rules governing truth and accuracy in broadcasting.
(Anyone detect the heavy hand of Stephen Harper in all of this? Naaaaa!) l.p.
  1.    Dear CRTC - I am a journalist specializing in stories about the environment, especially global warming. Your proposed changes concern me deeply because, among other things:
    2.    I fear they will provide yet another channel for climate skeptics/opportunists and fraudsters to peddle their lies and deception over a phenomenon which is real, which is happening now and which is posing a clear and present threat to this planet, not only for us but future generations, as well.
    3.    I also fear these changes would shamefully cheapen the noble profession of Canadian journalism with its long-accepted high standard of checks and balances on the truth and accuracy of reporting in the public interest.
    4.    These changes seem to prepare the way for American-style broadcasting, where kooks and cranks have free reign to inflict their poisonous lies and misinformation on the public.
    5.    I implore you - do your part in preserving Canada's proud tradition of fairness and honesty in broadcasting - PLEASE DO NOT PROCEED WITH THESE CHANGES.
    6.    Sincerely,
    7.    Larry Powell - Box 5 Grp 11 RR 1 ROBLIN - Manitoba- CA - R0L1P0

***End of document***

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