Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Reporting CO2 Levels on the Radio Might be "Inflammatory:" CBC

Below is the CBC's response to my request (please read - "'PLT' Publisher Asks for Help in Raising Awareness of  Global Warming") to report atmospheric C02 levels during their weathercasts.
Greetings Mr. Powell,
  Through consulting with our meteorologist, we have determined that it would be inappropriate for us to consider a regular reporting of CO2 levels as a part of our regular weather reports, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is simple time economics in a weather-cast.  Moreover, while the concerns may be great about the rising levels of CO2, an inclusion of this number in regular reports might be perceived and received as inflammatory, compared say to the UV levels or wind chills about which a listener can actually take some immediate personal action.
  This subject is, however, something we are going to follow up on in terms of a story for one of our local radio programs.  We thank you for your interest and invite you to keep listening. 
Cheery bye,
John Sadoway
CBC Radio Winnipeg

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Anonymous said...

I am surprised you received a reply. Do they think we should not be aware of it, or if we are, that we would despair about not being able to immediately affect it? Maggie

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