Wednesday, February 16, 2011

"PLT" Publisher Asks for Help in Raising Awareness of Global Warming

 Below is a message I sent today to Marilyn Maki, (lower r.) a weather specialist and radio host at CBC in Winnipeg. Keep watching this space for her reply! l.p.
Marilyn Maki,
Host, Radio Noon,
CBC Manitoba.
Dear Marilyn,

As a weather specialist, you will be aware that the science of climate change is now well-proven.

Human-caused greenhouse gas emissions, mainly carbon dioxide (CO2), are still on the increase. And so are the earth's mean temperatures and the incidences of severe weather events.

Considering the gravity of this situation, I would ask you to consider the following:

Would you, at least periodically, report current CO2 levels in the atmosphere, as part of your weather casts?  

As you will also be aware, those levels have, for some time now, been well above 350ppm. That's the level considerd by the world's leading climatologist, James Hansen, to be safe for human habitation.

I would submit such a service would be at least as important as, say wind-chill factors or UV levels.

Hope you agree.

I'd appreciate an answer at your earliest opportunity, so I can post it on my blog.

Larry Powell
Roblin, MB

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