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An Appeal to Farmers! From Yukon Farmer, Tom Rudge

Please send around and read his great letter to Members of Parliament.   Date: February 4, 2011 1:46:08 PM GMT-05:00 Subject:  My future and Bill C-474: Your future too? There is a vote in Parliament on genetic engineering this Wednesday February 9 that could help support the future of my farm. Below is the letter I sent to Michael Ignatieff , Wayne Easter and my Member of Parliament, Larry Bagnell.  I've asked them to support Bill C-474 this Wednesday and I hope my MP also speaks up in the debate on February 8. I urge all farmers who have a concern about genetically engineered crops or who already have negative experiences with GE crops   to send a letter to your MP as well.  Now is the time  to tell our politicians how genetic engineering has already cost us or could harm our businesses and our families.  Bill C-474 would support Canada's farmers by requiring that “an analysis of potential harm t

Botswana Refuses Bushmen Access to Water in a Game Preserve - Approves a Massive Diamond Mine There Instead!

Survival - the Movement for Tribal People Botswana’s government has green-lighted a massive $3bn mine in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve – in the middle of the Kalahari Bushmen’s appeal against the Botswana authorities’ refusal to allow them access to water there. Survival International Activist Boycotting Botswana Diamonds  at De Beers in London Courtesy PlanetSave