Tuesday, 15 February 2011

48 Hours to Save Canadian Journalism?

COMMENT: Patti wrote:
"This is just one in a long list of abuses and audacities that this PM and his government have perpetrated. How long are we going to stand for it? No credible opposition to challenge the abuses and no populace knowledgeable enough to vote this criminal and his party out." 

Dear friends across Canada,

Public protections against false and misleading news coverage could be destroyed by the CRTC -- paving the way for "Fox News North" to spread false information to the Canadian public that supports their political agenda. We have just two days to raise a national outcry and urge the CRTC to protect Canadian journalism!

Chevron Gets Dinged - Heavily!

Rainforest Action Network

Chevron is guilty. 
Tell CEO John Watson: 
Clean up Ecuador NOW!
Chevron is guilty
Dear friend,

Yesterday marked a historic day for corporate accountability.
A judge in Ecuador found Chevron guilty of massive oil contamination in the Amazon rainforest and ordered the company to pay over $8 billion to clean it up.

The verdict is the culmination of an 18-year struggle by the Indigenous and rural Ecuadoreans — the real heroes of this epic fight — who first sued Chevron to force the company to clean up its oily mess back in 1993. The battle is won, but the war for corporate accountability is far from over.

Chevron has vowed to appeal the decision
, and it’s all too clear that the company intends to never pay for its oil pollution in the Amazon. Tell Chevron CEO John Watson that enough is enough – Chevron needs to clean up Ecuador NOW.

For 18 years the Ecuadorean plaintiffs have withstood the 

impacts of Chevron’s pollution in the Amazon, as well as an unprecedented PR and legal campaign aimed at discrediting 
them and minimizing the extent of the damage that’s been 
done to their health and livelihoods. The evidence of the company’s guilt is overwhelming. It’s time for Chevron 
to take responsibility for 
its mess.

John Watson needs to do the right thing and pledge 

to clean up the Ecuadorean Amazon by complying 
with the judgment in Ecuador. Some 1,400 people have 
already died as a result of Chevron refusing to take 
responsibility, and 30,000 more are at risk. The people 
living with Chevron’s pollution can’t wait while the company 
launches another PR campaign and attempts even more 
dirty tricks and shady legal maneuvers to try and evade 
its responsibility.

Stand up for the people of Ecuador, for human rights, 

and for corporate accountability:  
Tell Chevron CEO John Watson to stop stalling 
and clean up Ecuador NOW.
Change Chevron team
For a cleaner future,
Ginger, Maria, Linda, and Mike
Change Chevron

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