Friday, November 16, 2012

BP Pleads Guilty, Pays Record $4.5 Billion Over Gulf spill; 3 Employees Charged

Winnipeg Free Press. Details here.

PLT: You don't suppose BP will simply write this off as "the cost of doing business" and carry on as before, do you? Naaaah!

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John Fefchak said...

Hi Larry. (a thought or two)

To save a few dollars in the process of retrieving oil, BP now has to pay a penalty in the
billions of $$ and face man slaughter charges.

The price at the pumps will just make the adjustments necessary to balance the expense book.

But what about the families who lost loved ones and the devastation to the environment?
This man made catastrophe is a lesson. Is anybody paying attention?

Oh! and lets not be complacent and forget Canada’s very own reckless catastrophe in the making
with relentless greed and growth…. “The Alberta Oil Tar Sands” of course.
Guaranteed to pollute our waters, and environment, disrupt nature, distort the living creatures
and fishes into an unrecognizable species and force the human inhabitants to seek refuge.
We should hang our heads in shame.

John Fefchak
Virden. 16 Nov. 2012.

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