Thursday, 8 November 2012

The Campaign for GMO Labelling Not Dead Yet - Despite California Ballot Defeat

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Re-election of Obama encourages label supporters.
GM canola field. PinP photo
The failure on Tuesday of a California ballot initiative that would have mandated labeling of genetically modified foods is not a death knell for those seeking nationwide labeling, U.S. labeling proponents said. Details here.
Canadian Biotechnology Action Network (CBAN)

Update - Proposition 37 on Mandatory Labelling in California: 

Industry money - $46 million from food and biotech corporations - has defeated the Californian ballot on mandatory labelling of GM foods. The California vote lost 53% to 47% after industry television ads and mailings to households claimed labelling GM foods would raise the price of food. Huge grassroots mobilization brought the vote that far and millions more people across North America are now aware of GM foods. It's been 17 years since the first GM crop, GM canola, was approved (1995) in Canada - We can stop the experiment. Canadians have already stopped Bovine Growth Hormone, Terminator seeds, GM wheat, GM potatoes, and Enviropig! Join CBAN as we stop GM alfalfa and GM apples to turn this around. We are building a better future now.

Donate today! Donations to CBAN will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, until Nov 30! Make your gift today and know that your tax-deductible donation will have twice the impact. Help us prepare for our 2013 mobilization!


Larry Powell said...
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Larry Powell said...

As a one-time, small-scale vegetable producer myself, I've long been a proponent of organic methods. Any system that robs parents, for example, of their right to keep their childrens' diets free of harmful pesticides, is just plain undemocratic. I decry the excessive power corporations wield in North America. I'm also a journalist who researches articles on this topic. I would invite you to read a recent one of mine, entitled "Field of Nightmares,Ottawa continues to embrace the widespread use of Roundup on Canadian farms by letting corporate seduction trump scientific evidence," here:

Pesticide Action Network said...

Dear Larry,

As the dust settles on California’s historic Proposition 37 fight to require labeling of genetically engineered (GE) food, we want to say thank you — and keep on.

These last months we have been inspired at key moments by the tens of thousands of you across the country who donated time or money to passing the nation’s first GE labeling law. The pesticide and processed food industries outspent us 5-to-1 in California and still barely won. More to the point, in losing this battle, we made major progress along several fronts:

Over 4.2 million Californians stood strong against the barrage of misleading paid advertisements from industry.

We succeeded in raising the profile of the issue, who's behind it and what's at stake in our food system. We all deserve congratulations for that!

Across the nation bigger races were run and happily won. But for us — and for many of you — the prospect of finally labeling GE foods in the U.S. commanded our full attention. It was a battle worth fighting.

Tomorrow we turn to keeping new pesticide-promoting GE seeds out of the ground; we lend our new strength to allies in other states like Washington, Connecticut and Minnesota who are taking on GE labeling efforts; we rachet up pressure on FDA for a national label. But today we give thanks.


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