Friday, 2 November 2012

PLT Vindicated!

PLT: Not to boast or anything, but, on Nov. 1st...yesterday.... Bloomberg Businessweek, a magazine owned by the Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg, published a cover story entitled, "It's Global Warming, Stupid," (l.) in reference to Hurricane Sandy. In the spring of '09, over 3 years ago, I wrote a story entitled...wait for it...."It's Global Warming, Stupid." If you don't believe me, check it out, yourself!
 As someone who has suffered the slings and arrows of climate cranks for a long time now, calling me an alarmist, "a boring  greenie religious fanatic," or worse, I have to feel a bit vindicated. That fact that neither the Bloomberg  article (nor mine) will, of themselves, make a significant difference in the public discourse in mainstream media or on the campaign trail, is no huge surprise. That will obviously take many more franksenstorms than Sandy, many more lives lost, much, much more human misery and devastation to our planet, to get our largely dimwitted humanoid population to understand, or care, what is happening to their children, other living creatures who share our plant and the natural environment itself.

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