Monday, 5 November 2012

Harper Spits in the Eye of Science Once Again - Flaunts Heavy Vehicles to Flit Him About India

Winnnipeg Free Press 

NEW DELHI - Two armoured cars were shipped to India from Canada to shuttle Prime Minister Stephen Harper around during a six-day, four-city tour this week.
The move is an unusual one for a Canadian prime minister. Harper has only brought his own transportation to two other nations — Haiti and Afghanistan.
The president of the United States routinely travels abroad with a custom-armoured state car, known as "the Beast" or "Cadillac One."
A black sport-utility vehicle and a black luxury sedan carrying Ontario plates appeared in the motorcade when Harper arrived Sunday evening.

PLT: This latest stunt by our esteemed leader with delusions of grandeur, smacks of a symbolic but probably malevolant move to wear his anti climate-science bias like a mis-placed badge of honour. Will it take nothing less than a Sandy-calibre storm to strike 24 Sussex to knock some sense into this wilfully ignorant man?

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