Canada Approves (another) Pesticide Against Wireworms in Crops

Manitoba Co-Operator
An "ag chem-maker's" potato, vegetable and fruit insecticide has been cleared to enter the cereal and soybean growers' market in Canada. Details here.

Please also read: "Field of Nightmares. Ottawa embraces the widespread use of Roundup by letting corporate seduction trump scientific evidence."

Bumblebees. PLT photo


PLT said…
Wonderful! Imidacloprid! It is now confirmed so many times over that this member of the neonictinoid "family" is a destroyer of valuable pollinators, including honeybees, that NO ONE can any longer claim innocence in its application....including all of you chemical farmers who call yourselves "stewards of the land." You are no such thing. Just admit you are part of the machine that is killing our natural world and be done with it!
Anonymous said…
green tree

please stop introducing more chemical into the environment and try natural sprays. everyone and everything is affected

(As it appeared on the MB Co-Operator site.)