Saturday, 22 December 2012

Canada's Top Ten Weather Stories for 2012 - a Year Which Broke Records for the NUMBER of Records

Environment Canada - A Year in Review

From super storms to super heat, and from immense flooding to immense fires; "go big" seemed to be the theme for Mother Nature in 2012. Details here.

 Beautiful though it may be, heavy hoarfrost has coated power lines throughout Manitoba, causing them to sag and break. Hydro crews have been sent scrambling to fix hundreds of outages. In some cases, power has been out for several hours in freezing temperatures. While cold snaps still occur, the warming atmosphere is capable of holding more moisture - much more than it used to. This triggers more frequent and severe events such as this. (PLT photo.)

PLT: To his credit, Dave Phillips, Ottawa's "go-to" guy for media questions about weather and climate, won't flatly deny that climate change is playing a role here. But neither is he helpful when he muddies the water about not being able to attribute a single year's worth of weather to that factor. (Don't foget Dave, 2012 isn't the only record-setting year we have had of late.) Perhaps media would be well-advised to sound out other scientists, whose jobs do not face Harper's axe if they say things he disagrees with. How about Andrew Weaver of the University of Victoria? He is outspoken, credible and qualified, having been a lead author with the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

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