"Trillions of litres of water given away for shale gas... How can the B.C. Government do this without regard for those who depend on the river for life?" - FNFN Chief Sharleen Wildeman
This month Premier Clark could give Encana license to take 3 billion litres every year from the Fort Nelson river – a river my community depends on.
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Robert -
The Fort Nelson River is the lifeblood of my community - the Fort Nelson First Nation. It's where we hunt and fish. It connects our villages. Our burial grounds are on its banks. The river has given us a cultural and spiritual connection to our land for untold centuries, but now it's at risk of being drained by billions of litres.
The executives at Encana Corporation are pressuring Premier Clark to give them the right to take 3-billion litres of fresh water every year from the river to be used for shale gas fracking -- without consulting my community who depend on the river, or without any environmental assessment. 
Encana's license is only the beginning. 8 more major oil and gas companies are now requesting similar licenses amounting to trillions of litres -- the consequences of this could be devastating for the river.

We don't think our request is unreasonable. Taking trillions of liters of water and blasting it deep underground at high pressure to release shale gas without properly studies seems irresponsible. Other provinces like Quebec have taken responsible steps to assess the human and environmental impacts of fracking. New York has even banned fracking.
There is no time to lose. Our community is being kept in the dark on the exact timeline, but we know the oil and gas companies are putting extreme pressure on Premier Clark to accelerate the licenses, and they could be approved any day. Please click here to sign our petition to stop Premier Clark from just giving away the rights to the water without considering the consequences for my people.
Thank you,
Chief Sharleen Wildeman,
For the Cree and Dene of the Fort Nelson First Nation
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