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A Local Manitoba Government Seems Set to Ignore Concerns Over a Planned Sewage Lagoon

Dear Editor, It looks like my local government, the RM of Shell River, is pressing ahead with secret plans for a sewage lagoon with no intention of looking at alternatives. It's now been a month since a Manitoba company, Blue Diamond Technologies, briefed a meeting of the RM Council. Blue Diamond has invented a system to treat and purify both hog and human waste, using a patented chemical process. Company officials are confident their technology is cleaner, greener, less stinky and even cheaper (possibly much cheaper) than an old-style lagoon! (See "Company offers new way to deal with human waste" in the May 29th edition of "The Review," p. 9. Please read!)   Just today, one of those officials told me,   they are  still waiting to hear back from the RM, in terms of doing a follow-up or taking a closer look! My elected representatives also seem just as determined as ever to keep information about the new lagoon from the public. They have