Saturday, 23 June 2012

Biodiversity and the Environment: Silent Spring For Us?

by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts - Centre for Research on Globalization
With her 1962 book, Silent Spring, Rachel Carson got DDT and other synthetic pesticides banned and saved bird life. Today it is humans who are directly threatened by  technologies designed to extract the maximum profit at the lowest private cost and the maximum social cost from natural resources. Full story here.  
Bumblebees on an 
organic acreage. 
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Mexico Saves Coral Reef From Over-Development!

Dear Larry,

VICTORY! Cabo Pulmo
coral reef saved!

Mexican President Felipe Calderón just put an end to plans that would have imperiled the marine paradise of Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park, home to the only living hard coral reef in Mexico’s Gulf of California. Please thank President Calderón for doing the right thing!
Say Thanks!

Mexican President Felipe Calderón has just rejected plans for a massive resort complex that could have devastated the marine paradise of Cabo Pulmo, its coral reef and the local community.

This is a huge victory for NRDC and all the local, national and international groups that waged a strong multi-year campaign urging officials to abandon the destructive proposal called Cabo Cortés.

Tens of thousands of BioGems Defenders like you stood strong in vocally opposing this mega-tourism scheme.

Please send a message to President Calderón and thank him for stopping Cabo Cortés in its tracks.


The Great "Locavore" Debate

"Q" CBC Radio
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 Between farmer's markets and a new trend of grocery stores advertising "local food," locavorism seems to have gone mainstream.  But is it really as good for you, and the environment, as you think?  Pierre Desrochers, one of the authors of The Locavore's Dilemma is joined by Jill Richardson, author of Recipe for America for a Q debate. Listen to the podcast here.

Canadian Court Slams Trump Climate Advisor in Successful Libel Case

DESMOG CLEARING THE PR POLLUTION THAT CLOUDS CLIMATE SCIENCE Dr. Andrew Weaver, Nobel Prize-winning scientist & BC Green Party ...