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Elizabeth May: Rookie MP makes mark in Parliament

  By PETER O'NEIL, Vancouver Sun June 22, 2012 OTTAWA - Elizabeth May is holding the last staff meeting of a parliamentary session that is ending this week with the Green party leader and rookie West Coast MP getting widespread accolades for her impressive, though predictably ....Details here.

Earth's Defenders Being Murdered at Increasingly Alarming Rate

June 19, 2012 by Common Dreams Environmentalists across the world being killed at rate of one per week, and growing . Story here

Wheat Board Finished but Battles Rage on

Winnipeg Free Press By: Laura Rance  06/23/2012 Supporters still could turn to Supreme Court. Story here.

India Wakes up to the Menace of Chemically-Enhanced Veggies

India Today - June 24-'12 Several studies have established the fact that the level of harmful chemicals in India's edible crops is perilously high because of excessive exposure to pesticides or other growth enhancers. Now, the Delhi government is planning to weed out this health hazard by detecting the specific contaminants in vegetables and fruits with the help of mega scanners right at the entry point . Full story here.

The National Farmers' Union Rejects Completely Martha Hall-Findlay’s Anti-Supply Management Report

NFU News Release - June 22, 2012 Ottawa: “Former Liberal leadership candidate Martha Hall-Findlay has made public both her opposition to, and her lack of understanding of Canada’s supply management system for dairy in the report she presented in a press conference yesterday,” said Paul Slomp, National Farmers Union (NFU) Youth Vice President. “Her report is full of misinformation, skewed statistics, contradictions, and reprehensible arguments calling to eliminate supply management in order to gain points in behind-closed-doors international trade negotiations.”