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So, What Will it Be, Prairie Grasslands or Pipelines?

What will the future hold for Suffield National Wildlife Area? Dear Larry, Loggerhead Shrike: istockphoto Please send your letter to Ministers Kent and MacKay, and ask them to deny Cenovus' request for a permit to expand its drilling operations within the Suffield NWA. Nature Canada is working with other conservation groups to protect the Suffield NWA from expanded industrial activity. Other members of the Suffield Coalition are Alberta Wilderness Association, Nature Alberta, World Wildlife Fund Canada, Nature Saskatchewan, Southern Alberta Group for the Environment, and Grasslands Naturalists. Suffield National Wildlife Area near Medicine Hat, Alberta, is a special space of rare prairie grassland, sand hills and ancient glacial valleys. It's home to at least 15 federally listed species at risk, including the burrowing owl and the loggerhead shrike. But a proposal by energy giant Cenovus to add 1,275 shallow gas wells and