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Is B.C About to Side With "Big Oil" And Against Its Own People? Let's Make Sure it Doesn't Happen!

ACTION ALERT!!! SIGN PETITION: 3 billion contaminated litres   PLEASE . . . SIGN PETITION AND PASS TO YOUR CONTACTS . . . . "Trillions of litres of water given away for shale gas... How can the B.C. Government do this without regard for those who depend on the river for life?" - FNFN Chief Sharleen Wildeman This month Premier Clark could give Encana license to take 3 billion litres every year from the Fort Nelson river – a river my community depends on. Sign our Petition Robert - The Fort Nelson River is the lifeblood of my community  - the Fort Nelson First Nation. It's where we hunt and fish. It connects our vil

New Jersey Train Derailment Tips Tankers, Sickens Dozens

Associated Press PAULSBORO, N.J. (AP) —A freight train derailed Friday on a railroad bridge that has had problems before, toppling tanker cars partially into a creek and causing a leak of hazardous gas (vinyl chloride) that was blamed for sickening dozens of people, authorities said. Details here.

Ottawa Blocks Cenovus Gas Project in Alberta: ‘The Environmental Impacts are Simply Too Great’

Financial Post. CALGARY — The Canadian government on Friday blocked a seven-year-old plan to drill more than a thousand natural gas wells in an Alberta wildlife reserve... Details here.   PLT. Please also read our earlier post, "So, What Will it Be, Prairie Grasslands or Pipelines?" And thanks to Nature Canada for organizing the petition. (I signed! Did you?) Sprague's pi pi t, one of the many  "species at risk" found in the reserve.