Manitobans Want a Pesticide Ban


John Fefchak said…
Dear Readers:

NDP needs better approach to deal with pesticide use;
by MLA Larry Maguire, Conservative critic.
Re: Views and Voices, Virden Empire Advance,Mar.8, 2013.

As an opposition critic, I think Mr. Maquire has competently carried out his appointment. The topic however is anothermatter,for it deals with the lives and consequences that affects human beings. The consequences of suffering and premature death.

In his opening remarks,we are told: "In all areas of life, education is the key to success"

A fair statement, to be sure. I would go a step further and share the words of William Ralph Inge.( Professor,Anglican Priest, and Columnist)
"The aim of education is the knowledge;not of facts, but of values."

"These products have gone through a rigorous regulatory process by Health Canada's scientists.
They review and re-evaluate products of concern." his letter goes on.

How can that be, one might ask.?
Especially when Health Canada's PMRA (Pest Management Regulatory Agency) operates in a conflict of interest situation.
With no labs of its own it is forced to "rubber stamp"
information provided by the industry, some of which may be withheld.

We only have to think back to the times when science and our regulators were horribly wrong in their professional conclusions. Many people got sick,many people died,and many still suffer,until released by death.
Babies were born prematurely and deformed. Many died.
(The Justice Krever Inquiry into the Tainted Blood Scandal and the use of the drug…Thalidomide)

The conclusion and final awareness in all of this is..."the human body was not designed to absorb exterior poisons".
Pesticides and herbicides are Poison!. Period.
The Skull and Crossbones is a sign of Death. Perhaps not immediate, but over the long term,it is still a fatality. A fatality that affects many people,in our modern society,who work with and are in contact with these products.
Caution "Read The Label First" and Complacency make poor partners.

Furthermore, one of the very first duties of any government is to "Protect the Public".

And while Common Sense must always be considered as paramount; unfortunately, it is a flower that doesn't grow in everyone's garden.

John Fefchak
Virden. Man. 14 Mar. 2013

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