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Time's Running out to Protect the Peel!

Dear Larry,

Time’s running out to show your support for the Peel!
An historic decision is about to be made about the future of Yukon’s world-famous 
Peel Watershed. The Yukon Government is about to throw out six years of hard 
work and compromise by a diverse range of stakeholders on the Peel Commission's 
proposed management plan for the region, in favour of a proposal they developed 
unilaterally which would allow roads and surface access throughout the region.
The battle for the protecting Peel Watershed has become as much an issue of 
supporting democracy as it is one of protecting the landscape. Speak up now to 
protect the Peel.

We need YOUR voice to support the Peel Commission’s Final Recommended Plan 
for the Peel. If we don’t act now to protect the Peel, it will be too late. 
Take action NOW!


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