Mine Proposed in a Manitoba, Canada Park

Manitoba Wildlands
Moose in a SK park. PLT photo
PLT: I know at least one NDP "insider" who is dumbfounded because his party and other "progressives" like the Greens have so much in common, yet can't seem to get together in some sort of union. Perhaps this story will help explain why! Interestingly, a recent Manitoba Wildands poll shows 100% of those asked, want no mines at all in our provincial parks. So who does our provincial government represent? Rich mining interests or the people?


John Fefchak said…
Dedication of provincial parks: Provincial parks are dedicated to the people of Manitoba and visitors to Manitoba, and shall be maintained for the benefit of future generations in accordance with this Act and the regulations.
Purposes of provincial parks: In accordance with park classifications and land use categories, the purposes of a provincial park system include the following:
(a) to conserve ecosystems and maintain biodiversity;
(b) to preserve unique and representative natural, cultural and heritage resources;
(c) to provide outdoor recreational and educational opportunities and experiences in a natural setting.

So the question that arises is this: When is a Manitoba Provincial Park,designated as protected, by the Ministry of Conservation, really protected?
For Manitoba, the answer is quite obvious ….NEVER!

Yes, mining will afford some jobs and income for Manitobans in the process. But what about the final costs, when the clean up has to be carried out. It was not too many years ago that Manitoba taxpayers were going to be on the hook for clean-up costs, of millions $$ after the operations shut down. Doesn't sound like "progress" to me or Manitobans.

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