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Wildlife in a Warming World

  National Wildlife Federation (US) 'Only by rejecting dirty energy and embracing clean energy solutions — will we begin to alter the path we are on to catastrophic climate change.' Details here . Red Wing blackbird. PLT photo       

Booming Coal Exports Threaten the Great Barrier Reef

living on earth UNESCO is threatening to take the Great Barrier Reef off its list of World Heritage sites in the wake of Australia’s decision to build new coal transport facilities on the Queensland coast. Tim McDonnell of Mother Jones magazine's Climate Desk joins host Steve Curwood to explain how an increase in shipping could damage the vulnerable reef. Details here. PLT: Just when you think human idiocy has reached rock bottom, behold! A new low! If I were an insensitive, heartless beast, I'd be tempted to say I have no sympathy for the victims of the terrible floods and wildfires which have swept that continent in recent years. But I'm not, so I won't! Photo credit - Tourist Destinations

Mine Proposed in a Manitoba, Canada Park

Manitoba Wildlands The Manitoba government is reviewing a new copper mine  in Grass River   Provincial Park. An environmental license  has not been granted. Forest   in the project area has been  cleared, and work on the mineshaft already   commenced  before the public comment period even began. The public  has   until February 19, 2013 to provide comments. Details here. Moose in a SK park. PLT photo PLT: I know at least one NDP "insider" who is dumbfounded because his party and other "progressives" like the Greens have so much in common, yet can't seem to get together in some sort of union. Perhaps this story will help explain why!  Interestingly, a recent Manitoba Wildands poll shows 100% of those asked, want no mines at all in our provincial parks.  So who does our provincial government represent? Rich mining interests or the people?

North Dakota Went Boom

New York Times Magazine It’s hard to think of what oil hasn’t done to life in the small communities of western North Dakota, good and bad. It has minted millionaires, paid off mortgages, created businesses; it has raised rents, stressed roads, vexed planners and overwhelmed schools; it has polluted streams, spoiled fields and boosted crime. Full story here.