Thursday, November 13, 2014

Absolute Power in the Hands of Just One Man

Frances Russell - National Newswatch

There is only one word to describe Party Of One, award-winning journalist Michael Harris’ massive and powerfully written biography of Canada’s 22nd prime minister. Story here.

Harper depiction by P in P

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John Fefchak said...

With our governments of today,the only time the true principles of democracy comes into play and take centre stage,is at the voting polls. After that, democracy goes out the back door and into the dumpster. From then on the Prime Minister and his PMO, literally take over.
There is no more representation by those who are elected to serve on behalf of their electorate,for they have or will soon become, assimilated into the quagmire of passiveness. Much like a spreading infection, our system of governance has become contaminated.
Those who do not succumb,will find appropriate seating on the bench of

Canadians must speak out and breath life back into the flickering embers of democracy to restore the flame, or in years to come, anarchy and chaos, such as what we see and read about in other countries will become a reality in Canada.
Is that what we want to look forward to?
For this is what our veterans perceive in the world to-day.

Freedom isn't Free, Someone had to Pay for it !
Those sacrifices were much too great to ignore

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