Keystone XL's Silent Role as a Forest-Killer

The New York Times - Andrew Nikiforuk
An intact bit of  Boreal forest in Ontario. Larry Powell PinP photo.
ENVIRONMENTALISTS typically fret about the prospect of adding monstrous new amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere if the Keystone XL pipeline is approved, and for good reason. Less attention is paid to the vast stretches of boreal forest already laid bare by tar sands development. In this opinion piece in the New York Times, preeminent Canadian journalist Andrew Nikiforuk poses this disturbing question….how much more must we lose? Story here.


john Fefchak said…
"It's Open Season" on Canada.

Premier Harper has been playing a central role in Canada; not only the political landscape, but the Canadian landscape itself. Just have a look at what's happening and taking place at the Athabasca Tar Sands.

"In the past few years, The government of Canada has cut funding to hundreds of renowned research institutes and programs. Ottawa has dismissed more than 2,000 federal scientists and researchers and has drastically cut or ended programs that monitored smoke stack emissions, food inspections, oil spills, water quality and climate change. Now some scientists have become unlikely radicals, denouncing what they call is a politically-driven war on knowledge. In 'Silence of the Labs', Linden MacIntyre tells the story of scientists - and what is at stake for Canadians - from Nova Scotia to the B.C. Pacific Coast to the far Arctic Circle."

From what I saw and heard from renown scientists telling their story, on the 5th Estate, Friday evening (10 Jan 2014) all Canadians have to ask themselves…Why are we allowing this to happen? This one man, Harper, has taken it upon himself to practically de-regulate everything, and we have become slaves to the Corporate business organizations. Our Canada is becoming a "Black Friday" sale, free for all. There are no limits or house rules, 'anything goes', as long as it's for the economy.
john Fefchak said…
Once we had a man who "walks the talk" about our environment and water issues, when he was Premier
of Manitoba, but now,as Canada's Ambassador to the United States, he"side-steps" those very same issues, as lesser importance, when pipe
lines carrying Alberta Oil Sands /Bitumen come on the radar screen,
Thats the kind of person, Keystone XL Pipeline are looking at for their executive propaganda opening.

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