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As California Water Resources Dwindle, New Fears Over Drilling Waste Contamination

CommonDreams Situation described as 'unfolding catastrophe' as investigation finds oil drilling companies injected untold amounts of waste into protected groundwater reserves. Story here.

Peru's Indigenous People Protest Against Relicensing of Oil Concession

theguardian Kichwa communities along an Amazon tributary, string cables to stop oil company boats from passing. They accuse government of turning a blind eye to contamination from oil operations in the forest. Story here.

Big Majority of Americans Want Genetically Modified Foods Labelled. Poll.

The Canadian Press WASHINGTON - A large majority of Americans support labeling of GMO foods, whether they care about eating them or not. Story here.

Government by Neglect. Manitoba Plays "Ostrich" Over Neonicotinoids.

by Larry Powell In the face of fierce, even ugly opposition from the head of "CropLife" Canada, Ted Menzies, t he Government of Ontario is doing the right thing.  Ontario's Liberal government has moved to restrict the use of "CropLife's" bee-killing insecticides known as neonicotinoids, or "neonics." The NDP government of Manitoba, on the other hand - one which often likes to cloak itself in a "green" mantle of environmentalism - is remaining silent. It has done nothing to curb their unlimited use. It doesn't even have the guts to admit it. Over two months ago, I emailed these two ministers (environment and agriculture, respectively),  to ask if they may take action similar to Ontario's.                                             At the time of this posting, I've had no response!    Government by neglect!