Friday, 3 February 2017

Deadly new wheat disease threatens Europe’s crops

Researchers caution that stem rust may have returned to world’s largest wheat-producing region. Details here.

A healthy wheat field in Manitoba. PinP photo. 
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Kate Storey, organic farmer, Grahndview said...

The existance of Ug99 rust has been known for years and resistance exists in wellknown, old wheat variety "Cadillac. However those resistant genes have not been incorporated into newer varieties. Why not? Also, the seed research companies are continually pushing farmers to accept a GMO wheat but so far farmers have resisted. Is it possible that the seed companies are selling rust susceptable wheat varieties and "saving" those rust resistant genes, putting resistance into a patented, GMO wheat which is not for sale yet. Then when the rust epidemic hits, they could force GMO wheat onto the farmer as the only option.

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