The ad they don't want you to see.

Dogwood Initiative
Unreal! The ad we booked to run in Helijet magazine has just been denied!

This is the ad both Helijet and their in-flight magazine publisher approved last week.


So why are they backing out now?
According to a representative speaking on behalf of Helijet, my e-mail to you about the ad was “reckless”. He even went so far as to suggest I should apologize to Premier Clark.

Sure I will. As soon as she apologizes to British Columbians for putting our health and safety at risk by approving Kinder Morgan’s massive pipeline project.  

Donate $25, $50 or $100 right now and we’ll blast through this attempt to keep our ad under wraps by pushing it even harder -- we’re going to put a billboard right where Clark lives in Vancouver, and another one on the road to her office in Kelowna.

Trying to kill our ad at this point is just plain weird. Before my e-mail to you on Monday, we had Helijet’s stamp of approval.

But Helijet’s in-flight magazine publisher told us they didn’t want to publish anything that could "target and antagonize the airline’s political clientele”, many of whom are senior decision-makers in business and government, including politicians and staffers from all political parties.”

Huh. You don't say?

It turns out Helijet is a long time donor to the BC Liberals, having given $56,000 to Clark’s party since 2005. Is this a knee-jerk attempt to protect their relationship with their pal the Premier?

To me this feels like yet another case of people with money and power who want to control a situation they don’t like. But I know the strong and dedicated British Columbians who make up the Dogwood community will NOT be silenced.

I did have a fact wrong in my previous e-mail message to you. According to Helijet, Christy Clark does not fly privately on their service. Apparently anyone with an extra $610 bucks can book a flight from Vancouver to Victoria and back with the chance of sharing an aircraft with our Premier. My mistake and I apologize.

But it’s safe to say I will not be one of the folks sitting next to Clark, or any other “senior decision-maker”, on a Helijet flight anytime soon because I, like many of you, don’t have an extra $600 for 70 minutes of air travel.

But for a cause I believe in, I do have $50, and I’m willing to spend it right now to help expose Clark for the corrupt political climate she nurtures by taking donations from Big Oil.

British Columbians have a right to know there is a dark, money-filled cloud hanging over Kinder Morgan’s approved pipeline. The health and safety of my family and yours depends on it.

For the coast,


P.S. Taking a crack at Christy Clark in Helijet magazine was a sassy idea we were ready to run with, but since they have now refused to print it, we’ll put it somewhere even more visible: on a billboard in our Premier’s own riding and another where she lives in Vancouver. Donate right now to make sure these billboards stay up where Christy Clark and tens of thousands of voters will see them. Now’s the time to get loud.


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