Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Don't let Trump force construction of Dakota Access: Help cut off the money for the project! PLEASE SIGN!

Dear Larry,
The Army Corps of Engineers just greenlighted the Dakota Access Pipeline.

The Corps was supposed to conduct an Environmental Impact Statement. It was supposed to accept comments from people like you. 

But two weeks ago Donald Trump signed an executive action to speed up the project. Now the Corps is in Trump’s pocket.

You can still resist Trump and this pipeline by cutting off the funding to complete it. Wall Street giants Citigroup and Wells Fargo are part of a group of banks who provided a $2.5 billion loan for the project. We need you to tell the banks to stop the pipeline!

The Trump Administration’s action is a betrayal of the Water Protectors who stood up for their water and sovereignty. This dangerous project threatens the water supply of the Standing Rock Sioux tribe. And it cuts through wildlife habitat and the tribe’s ancestral lands.
The Water Protectors and their allies have been fighting this project for nearly a year. They’ve faced a pattern of police and private security violence. Attack dogs, rubber bullets, concussion grenades, tazers and mace have been used. Hundreds of people have been injured.
By pushing the banks to cut off funding for the pipeline, you’re not only helping to resist the project -- you’re drawing more and more attention to the fight. As people take to the streets in the coming days, that attention could force police and private security forces to think twice about using violence.
Donald Trump has made it clear that his America does not include the millions of Americans who are standing up to protect their land, water, sacred cultural sites and climate from dangerous pipelines.
But Trump doesn’t know how big a fight that he’s in for. So we need you to show him that he can’t just come in and undo the progress we’ve made -- starting by cutting off the money for this pipeline.

Standing with you,
Doug Norlen,
Economic policy program director,
Friends of the Earth

© 2016, Friends of the Earth. All Rights Reserved.

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