Most effective individual steps to tackle climate change aren't being discussed


Governments and schools are not communicating the most effective ways for individuals to reduce their carbon footprints, according to new research. Story here.


John Fefchak said…
And then we have a Manitoba Member of Parliament who says :
"Canada produces only 1.6 per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions." As such, Sopuck said, "Nothing that we do here can hope to make a difference in climate change."
re: Westman Tory MPs tout accomplishments, 24 June.
So, 1.6 percent is nothing to get excited about claims Sopuck, and if 60 countries made the same claim, all of a sudden there is a total of 100 percent. What a cop-out!
Nothing we can do here to make a difference…. MP Sopuck has a lot to learn…. maybe he'd rather not know or care that there are several hundred
hog lagoons in Manitoba, containing slurry….And lagoons are huge contributors of "Green House Gases"