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Coastal wetlands excel at storing carbon

EurekAlert! New analysis supports mangrove forests, tidal marshes and seagrass meadows as effective climate buffers. Story here. Coastal wetlands at Parker River National Wildlife Refuge, Massachusetts. Credit: Kelly Fike/USFWS

Don't let Trump force construction of Dakota Access: Help cut off the money for the project! PLEASE SIGN!

Don't let Trump force construction of Dakota Access: Help cut off the money for the project! Dear Larry, The Army Corps of Engineers just greenlighted the Dakota Access Pipeline. The Corps was supposed to conduct an Environmental Impact Statement. It was supposed to accept comments from people like you.  But two weeks ago Donald Trump signed an executive action to speed up the project. Now the Corps is in Trump’s pocket. You can still resist Trump and this pipeline by cutting off the funding to complete it. Wall Street giants Citigroup and Wells Fargo are part of a group of banks who provided a $2.5 billion loan for the project. We need you to tell the banks to stop the pipeline! Don’t let Trump force construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline! Tell Citigroup and Wells Fargo to pull their loans for the project.

Danny Dimwit's Advice to the Nation on "Poppalation Growth."

by Danny Dimwit Wow! Sekkund place! That’s awfl! I just herd on the raydeeo that the people poppalation in Australia is growin kwikker there than here in Kanada! We need to hang our heds, folks! Shoor, we still have at least a millyun more fokes now than we had five yeers ago. But that’s not good enuff! All the big shots runnin Kanada keep tellin us (and they should no), that we need more peeple so we can have more, what do they call it, eekonomik growth?  Heck, I can still look out my window here in town and see trees, grass, open spaces and sometimes even a heard of dear. Why in the heck aren’t they puttin up more billdings out there? Gets kinda tiresum lookin at nothin but…nacher. And I even herd some kinds of animals are akshully breedin as fast as we are. Kant have that! We need to get crackin! Sounds like there is still some habbatat out there that needs plowin down.