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RIP for the Bees? Please DONATE to make sure that does not happen!

Bayer and Monsanto are dangerously close to controlling our entire global food supply -- they’ve just filed their merger for approval and we have only 23 days to stop it. Will you chip in CA$1 to our emergency campaign to stop the Bayer-Monsanto merger? DONATE CA$1 NOW Dear Larry, Bayer and Monsanto just filed their $66bn merger for approval -- edging closer and closer to a monopoly over our entire global food supply. And we have just 23 days to stop it. European regulators are deciding whether to approve it right now and at this crucial time we need the support from SumOfUs members like you. If this merger goes through, Bayer and Monsanto will have an all-consuming monopoly:  we could soon see cranked up prices on farmers, which will make food a hell of a lot more expensive for people like you and me .