Friday, 19 January 2018

340 Billion Gallons of Sludge Spur Environmental Fears in Canada

"Rainbow Lake" - Alberta tar sands. Photo credit - "Beautiful Destruction."
Amid the bogs and forests of northern Alberta, in the heart of the Canadian oil patch, lie some of the largest waste dumps of the global energy business. Story here.


John Fefchak said...

TAR SANDS, a Man Made Hiroshima 'without the Atom Bomb'.

Water- the most important resource that all living things need to survive and exist

on this earth, but at the oil sands it is treated with contempt. It is poisoned,

contaminated and ravaged by the industries in their relentless search and

processing of the black gold, and all with the approval of our government(s) Little

caring and not registering, once this precious life sustaining liquid is polluted and

undrinkable, we will be exterminating ourselves to extinction. For whatever we do

to the web strands of life, we ultimately do to ourselves. Will we, as a society, ever

learn?. Perhaps,..but unfortunately, only after it is too late.! According to

executives of the biggest energy companies, some of us are in the land of make

believe and are being misled by sensational news and unfounded allegations.I do

not agree. When I see photographs and read that 17,600 hectares of tailing ponds

presently exist, with a toxic blend of hydrocarbons, silt, salts and heavy minerals

and reported as a lingering headache for the industry, I get troubled and

concerned, as we all should. I do not believe these are make believe and

unfounded news clips. In fact, talks have been underway about conditions

under which water from these ponds could be released into the environment.

In 2014, it was confirmed the tailing ponds are leaking into the ground and

polluting the Athabasca river.

One way or another, humans are quite willing, it seems, to allow themselves to be

terminated in the process of promoting economic benefits to the oil masters,with

the blessings of the federal government.

PinP said...

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