Nitrogen crisis threatens Dutch environment—and economy

Science Magazine
Public domain - by Sachiho 
They're protesting a Dutch high court decision in May that suspended construction projects that pollute the atmosphere with nitrogen compounds and harm nature reserves. The freeze has stalled the expansion of dairy, pig, and poultry farms—major sources of nitrogen in the form of ammonia from animal waste. Also blocked are plans for new homes, roads, and airport runways, because construction machinery emits nitrogen oxides. All told, the shutdown puts some €14 billion worth of projects in jeopardy, according to ABN AMRO Bank. “It has really paralyzed the country,” says a political scientist Details here.


PinP said…
This is a remarkable study in contrasts. Can you imagine a Canadian court barring anything that might stand in the way of our high-maintenance, highly pollution, highly inhumane hog industry in Canada, including Manitoba?

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