Monday, December 30, 2019

Onward, Christian Fascists

truthdig - by Chris Hedges

The greatest moral failing of the liberal Christian church was its refusal, justified in the name of tolerance and dialogue, to denounce the followers of the Christian right as heretics. By tolerating the intolerant it ceded religious legitimacy to an array of con artists, charlatans and demagogues and their cultish supporters. It stood by as the core Gospel message—concern for the poor and the oppressed—was perverted into a magical world where God and Jesus showered believers with material wealth and power. The white race, especially in the United States, became God’s chosen agent. Imperialism and war became divine instruments for purging the world of infidels and barbarians, evil itself. Details here.

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PinP said...

Planet in Peril is evolving. In addition to revealing the tragedies of our climate crisis, resource depletion, excessive application of toxic poisons on our food crops and wildlife, human lust for money and nature's bounty, I'll look more at the rot that has invaded our moral fibre, often in the name of faith and religion. This author, Chris Hedges, is a powerful, even radical critic of all that has gone wrong with the American dream including faith communities on the extreme right, and does not shy away from exposing the insidious influences of corporatism and the hold it has on too many of our policy-makers and power-brokers. I welcome your comments here.

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