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Don't let the forces of "anti-science" win Canada over. Please help!

, It’s on.  Jason Kenney launched his anti-environmentalist “War Room” this week because he thinks 2020 is going to be the year Alberta starts doubling its oilsands emissions. He’s going to spend $30 million in taxpayer dollars this year to fill the airwaves with  ads to promote the oil industry. We got a taste of what his spin doctors have prescribed with a two-minute video launched on YouTube. It’s ugly — within 20 seconds, it implies babies depend on bitumen sales to live happy lives. You can count on Dogwood  to be a strong voice standing up against Kenney’s propaganda machine, but we need every penny to fight back.  Donate $5, $50, or even $500 today — your gift will make a difference . Jason Kenney is putting the full weight of his government behind this smear campaign. His War Room team wants to  erode the work we’ve done together  building organized opposition to oil tankers for a decade now — and they have $30 million to do it. Don’t let Jason Kenney foo