Arctic 30 Day 59: Global solidarity protests


Hi Larry,
263 cities, 43 countries. Today, thousands of people took their outrage over the ongoing detention of the Arctic 30 straight to the doorsteps of Russian embassies and oil giants Shell and Gazprom. In a massive global day of action people all over the world demanded the release of the Arctic 30 and showed the oil companies that we will not let them get away with the silencing of peaceful protest.

I’m truly blown away by the support that has been demonstrated for our 30 friends all over the world. In the UK, there were protests at over 70 Shell petrol stations all across the country. In Germany, volunteers walked in massive lantern marches to Russian consulates in six cities. In India and Belgium, activists engaged in 30 hour long peaceful protests, and in Argentina and the US solidarity music concerts were staged.
Below are a few of my favourite pictures from today - you can click on them to share them on Facebook. 
As you know, the Investigative Committee will apply for an extension to the Arctic 30’s detention in court early next week. Here’s hoping that news about this  global public show of support for the Arctic 30  will make its way to the presiding judge before then…