Help Save The Bees

We are writing to ask you to send an email to Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency calling for a ban on neonicotinoids pesticides.  You may have seen media reports over the summer describing the critical situation of beekeepers. It is estimated that 40% of the bees in Ontario and Quebec were killed in 2012 and early reports from 2013 are looking just as bad.

So bad in fact the Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency has posted this statement:

“(we’ve) determined that current agricultural practices related to the use of neonicotinoid treated corn and soybean seed are affecting the environment due to their impacts on bees and other pollinators”. 

PMRA went on to invite public comment on the use of neonicotinoids and we are passing the invitation on to you, please let them know what you think!

Just click here, fill in the form and click “send”.

For everything you need (scientific studies, media releases, etc.) visit the #SaveTheBees webpage.

The European Union understands the situation. It banned neonicotioids in April to protect bees and other pollinators in Europe.

The pesticide companies aren’t sitting back. This week a message went out to all grain farmers urging them to ignore the evidence and urge the PMRA keep neonicotinoids on the market. This makes anemail from you even more critical.

This is important because 35% of the food on our tables is pollinated by bees and other insects. There is also evidence neonicotinoids are also playing a role is the decline of song birds.

We are asking you to help now because we believe with your help we can win.

We have done it before. In 2012 Environment Canada invited comment on a proposal to kill wolves as part of a ‘plan’ to protect Caribou. More than 20,000 comments (many of them yours) caused the government to change the plan.

 Let’s do it again – for the bees! Just click here.

This is also a personal story.

In early August, David Schuit of Elmwood Ontario lost several million bees. Wellington, County beekeeper Jim Coneybeare was forced to truck his hives several hours north to “bear country” just so they could forage away from neonicotinoid pesticides. Both these beekeepers are in danger of losing their livelihoods and you can help!

On behalf of Sierra Club Canada, David Suzuki Foundation, Equiterre, EcoJustice, Ontario Beekeepers Association, Wilderness Committee, Canadian Organic Growers, National Farmers Union, Canadian Environmental Law Association, United Church of Canada, Bio-Dynamic Society, Ecological Farmers Association of Ontario, and Council of Canadians.

Thank you!