Greenhouse Gas Reduction Called Threat to Oil Industry


Alberta freedom of information document shows industry looking for weak regulations. Details here.


PLT said…
Make no mistake, these boys want it all. And, with the help of traitors like Christy Clark, (Stephen Harper in a skirt), they're getting it!
PLT said…
I'm re-posting the comment, below, which first appeared in reaction to this story, on the CBC site.
mats in mtl
Leave the oil in the ground. The only tax incentives given to these companies should be for their commitment to alternative renewable sources of energy. They need to start switching over their business model and develop a entirely new product that will not push our planet to extinction. Right now these companies worth are calculated on the amount of oil still in the ground; an amount that is 5 times the absolute limit that our ecosystem planet can tolerate. We are on a collision course with an unprecedented eco catastrophe for the sake of shareholder profits and a few thousand jobs in Northern Alberta.