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Harper and Enbridge Join Forces on Lawsuit

Dear Larry, Big Oil and the Harper government have officially tied the knot.  It’s now ForestEthics Advocacy and Co-Plaintiff Donna Sinclair vs.  the Federal Government, the National Energy Board (NEB) and  Enbridge Pipelines Inc. A Federal Appeals Court Judge recently ordered that Enbridge  could  join our lawsuit as a Co-Respondent. In its Motion to  intervene,  Enbridge argued that any delay in its plans to transport  tar sands crude  through its Line 9b pipeline—running from Sarnia  to Montreal and through  Toronto—would hurt its bottom line. In fact,  they said their economic rights  were at stake in describing their  legal  interest in the outcome of this lawsuit. Enbridge's position couldn't be clearer: Profits trump YOUR  DEMOCRATIC RIGHT to speak freely about tar sands pipeline  projects at hearings conducted by the NEB. Well, we have a message for Enbridge that they can't bury under the  weight of their hefty financial