Manitoba’s Small Scale Food Report is Food for Thought

Kate Storey - Manitoba Co-Operator

More and more people are interested in buying food direct from the farm. Story here.


John Fefchak said…
I am from the farm.

During my 20 years,when I lived in Ontario and Quebec, I was always on the look out to make my food purchases at a farmers stall by the road side.
There were vegetables available of nearly every description, fresh chicken, also beef and pork cuts.
During the berry season, one could purchase juneberries, (saskatoons) blueberries, straw berries and the list goes on. In the early spring of course, it was the season for real maple syrup.
Downtown Ottawa was a great place for such shopping, for they had a huge Farmers Market Place and all sorts of food items available. (Byward Market Place, I think)
Now back in Manitoba, I seek out my pork and beef by the side from local Free range producers, as well as fresh chicken and eggs, that are so much more flavourful. I sort of feel sorry for folks that have yet to have a taste of the natural food that is available out there.
It will take some looking perhaps, but the effort will be worth every delicious morsel.

Thank You Kate Storey for reminding consumers, and
enabling them to check it out and that Smaller is Better.

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