Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Manitoba to axe limits on hog barns

Manitoba Co-Operator

Government tables 'red tape reduction' amendments. Story here.


John Fefchak said...

The Red tape elimination is not without controversy.
The environment and protection of our water sources has fallen through the cracks.
The concerns that I and so many others express were the very same 18 years ago; especially on odours, health issues , water pollution and ignoring the rural population. That is why"Hog Watch Manitoba" came into being and became popular to help the families that were being victimized by the unrelenting stench from the factory hog barns.
So...who's looking after the environment and our water now?
Lake Winnipeg has the answer.....Nobody !
It's Pigs, ...Politics, ...Poop and Profit. Nothing else matters and our present government could care
less. And it's all done on the most lazy and cheapest way possible. Cut out all the red tape and streamline the process of issuing permits.
Anaerobic digesters for manure?….Far too costly, so instead, they can dig...not one, but two holes to do the job as the Cutting edge of technology.
How ingenious is that?

John Fefchak said...

Once you kill Lake Winnipeg, you can't put it back…biologist EVA Pip. (re:PC water bill ripped for cutting testing, Wpg.FreePress,18 Mar. 2017)

It is demoralizing that the environment and protection of our water sources in Manitoba has fallen through the cracks.
While Premier Pallister says "there's no compelling evidence" that any changes put water at risk,
he should be reminded of the Lake Winnipeg Act, which clearly states that hog manure was the number 1 contributor of pollution
to Lake Winnipeg. He also needs be reminded that the Act was approved by all Manitoba MLA's.(2011)
The Clean Environment Commission, now 10 years old, spelled out many situations concerning hog barns and their locations,
and now the government wants no part of that study either?
In September 13, 2010, Canada and Manitoba Sign Agreement to Collaborate on Cleaning Up Lake Lake Winnipeg. Apparently this
health agreement is also being ignored.
Yes, I agree, it is always important to review regulations and make sure they're working for people. However, I also agree that
all people must be involved, those in rural Manitoba and hog producers alike.

John Fefchak said...

Another Trump in Manitoba ?
Brandon Sun Editorial-Feb. 11, 2017. "Following in Filmon's Footsteps."
Initially, the Filmon government unfurled the red carpet and opened Pandora's Box for the hog Industry to come to Manitoba. Some 22 years or so later, the Pallister government has taken the cue to further expand the Industry, and taken away many of the features that had been put in place to protect our environment, Lake Winnipeg and water sources. Yes, it is very clear that Mr. Pallister has been busy reading the Filmon playbook on how to run the Manitoba government. In fact, these actions are similar of what President Trump's administration has been busy scraping in the United States!
Sadly,water, is not an important consideration to this Conservative government!

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