St. Boniface residents say metal shredder is polluting air, harming health


Province says neighbourhood is safe, but residents and environmental researcher disagree. Story here.


PinP said…
Once again government does what it does best. Act as a good little soldier for the one percent.
John Fefchak said…
Typical Government response.. "Don Labossiere disagrees. He's the director of environmental compliance and enforcement with Manitoba Sustainable Development.

Labossiere said the "air monitoring regime we did was not necessarily intended to be super accurate and super precise," and he's standing by the conclusions of his report.

"At least with this situation we are confident that the impacts do not exist, or are minimal," he said, and added that if the report had shown otherwise, the department would have stepped up its monitoring"

It is a sad situation…. that there is no-one in this present government who cares and looks after the people, the environment and our water sources. The "Development Minister " as a replacement for Conservation and Water Issues, as in previous governments hasn't shown or dedicated much of her time to these most important issues.