Alberta Leads the Country in "Exploiting" Natural Places

While this may not come as a shock to Neil Young, who’s compared the oil sands to Hiroshima, a national study suggests that Alberta has disturbed more natural landscape than any other province. The analysis by Global Forest Watch adds that Wild Rose Country also has two of the three areas in Canada where the rate of disturbance is the highest. Those disruptions included everything from roads to seismic lines to clearcuts to croplands. “This is a simple monitoring analysis that should be done and could very easily be done by the feds,” the report’s author Peter Lee said Monday. “(But) they’re not doing it.”


John Fefchak said…
Athabaska Oil Sands.

According to the executives (CEO's) of the biggest energy companies, some of us are in the land of make believe and are mislead by "sensational" and "unfounded" allegations regarding the Oil sands.When I read that 170 square kilometres ( 66 square miles ) of Tailing Ponds presently exist, with a Toxic Blend of hydrocarbons,silt,salts and heavy minerals, and have been a lingering headache for the industry, and that they have been talking about conditions under which water from these ponds could be release INTO the environment, I get concerned and troubled . Or is this just "make believe" allegations to make "sensational", but misleading news.

Welcome back, Neil Young.