CBC Covers Organic Food Issues Well. Conventional? Not So Much!

by Larry Powell

The CBC is to be commended for breaking the story about phoney organic products being sold in Canada, including the infamous bakery in BC. It has given this matter extensive coverage, and rightly so.
Our organic table at a Winnipeg farmers' market. PinP photo.
I was a certified organic producer for five years and believe deeply in the need for clean, healthy food for our children. Cheaters need to be exposed and punished. What is even more disturbing is that our government "regulators" knew what was going on, yet did nothing. 

That's likely because this country is led by a man who is determined to de-regulate almost everything. Harper has shown himself to be a slave to huge, rich, ruthless and unelected Agribusiness corporations whose bloated bottom lines might be eroded by a healthy organic sector. These corporations are producing poisons suspected of killing birds, fish, amphibians and even precious pollinators such as honeybees, upon which fully one third of our human food crops depend. 

These pesticides can now be found in the cells of virtually every human being on the planet. 

So, I'll be even happier when equal coverage is afforded to the sins of our conventional food sector, as well!  

In the meantime, "The National," CBC television's flagship newscast, still hasn't touched the scandalous story about the contamination of vast wetlands in the west by a new kind of seed treatment that kills honeybees (not to mention birds, amphibians and fish)! How about it, Peter?
(A version of this letter was printed recently in the Brandon Sun.)