It's Hitting the Fan Over Sewage in Manitoba (Again)


Larry said…
This sounds familiar. It happened to me at my former home near Roblin, MB (see "related" link) There IS better technology! This government is a dinosaur for not shedding its old ways and moving on.
John Fefchak said…
Forgive them "Father", for THEY do not know what
they are doing.
They proclaim to be protectors of our waters. However,their ignorance, once more, reveals itself.

A Shameful decision. ( see Born of the Stump )
John Fefchak said…
Hi Larry. This is a letter that was sent to the WFP today.
Letter to the Editor;

(re: Opponents Outraged as St. Clements lagoon OK'd.
WFP 19 Dec. 2013.)

What Happened?

For years, as evidence mounted about the rising dangers of eutrophication in the waters of Lake Winnipeg, the former Conservative and present NDP government held their fingers in their years.
Then, in Oct. of 2009, Conservation Minister Struthers had this to say. "When we entered office.
we recognized that decades of poor planning, abuse and neglect of our lakes,rivers and wetlands had to stop."

On June 2, of 2011, Premier Selinger presented his Plan to Save Lake Winnipeg. In that plan
there was to be an International Summit that would bring together the stakeholders and levels
of government throughout the Winnipeg watershed to co-ordinate phosphorus reduction to
the Lake Winnipeg waters.

And that is why I have to ask, "What Happened"? Isn't this the same government that said all
those encouraging statements to make things better to 'Save Lake Winnipeg.'
The objections of the sewage lagoon, by the Lake Winnipeg Foundation, and local residents
were dismissed. They were put aside, ignoring the advice of a 2010 evaluation report that the government paid for. It's little wonder the people are upset and it's hitting the fan over Sewage.

Although the lagoon has been OK'd by the government ,in my view Lake Winnipeg has been KO'd, once again.

John Fefchak,
Virden, Man.