Pesticide 'Contaminating' Prairie Wetlands in Canada: Scientist

CBC News
Researcher suggests pesticide may be linked to insect, bird declines. Details here.


PLT said…
Shades of "Silent Spring" once more.
PLT said…
We now know with virtual certainty that "neonics" have killed millions of honey bees in Ontario after they were exposed to corn seed treated with the stuff. So how logical is it, then, to assume that these same creatures are not being similarly affected by the same chemical used to treat canola, soy, wheat and seed, sown over vast areas of the prairies? You can expect industry to argue that they are not - that is a given. But perhaps once. Just this once, common sense will prevail among ordinary folk like you and me and something meaningful will be done to curb the rampant recklessness of the Bayers, Monsantos and Syngentas of this world (and the governments who enable them).