Manitoba Government Needs to Support Organic Farmers - Green Party

WINNIPEG: “The Green Party of Manitoba is the only party that thinks that putting pesticides on food is a bad idea,” says interim Green leader Alain Landry. “And Manitobans agree. They are increasing the demand for pesticide-free food, and our government is neglecting the organic option.”
The Greens see an economic opportunity for Manitoba to help fill the demand for quality organic food. Recent Canadian Food Inspection Agency tests have raised doubt about the purity of organic food imported from polluted countries such as Mexico and China. Manitoba organic farms could fill some of the demand but government has capped farm funding.
Manitoba has one of the highest organic standards in the world. Production here is tightly regulated by law and inspected regularly. As well, the Manitoba environment is relatively clean, with less pesticide drift in the air, rain water and ground water, creating the opportunity to grow food free of pesticide residue.
“Manitoba could become a centre for reliable organic food production,” says Landry, “The Green Party calls on the Manitoba government to double investment in organic food production.”
The Manitoba government spends 98% of agriculture money on support for pesticide dependent crops. In spite of this, a growing number of farmers are working to learn how to grow organic and find markets.
Alain Landry, Interim Leader of the Green Party of Manitoba
Richard Freeman, GPM director