Concerns About A New Pesticide In Saskatchewan

CBC Radio - Regina
University of Saskatchewan Biologist Christy Morrissey is raising some early flags about Neonicotinoids, a controversial family of pesticide used for crops like canola and wheat. She shares her findings with Sheila Coles of CBC Regina. Full story here.


PLT said…
This answers some of the questions I've been asking myself lately - what about "neonics" in canola? The PMRA is currently looking into the harm they cause, but mostly in corn crops. And this interview still leaves unanswered the big question - WHAT ARE THEY DOING TO POLLINATORS - especially honey bees? This issue is, I believe, a sleeping giant on the verge of busting open, big time! And it should!
John Fefchak said…
Government,as I see it, doesn't care a rats
rear about anything, except bulldozing the economy….But at What Fateful costs and consequences?
This is another example, as with the "sage grouse." Wonder if those scientists will be
getting the "pink slip" or muzzled in some other fashion. As in the Silence of The Labs.