NGO Community Condemns Yukon Government Peel Announcement

Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS)
Whitehorse – The Yukon Conservation Society (YCS) and CPAWS Yukon are condemning Yukon Government’s announcement today that they are throwing out the Peel Watershed Planning Commission’s Final Recommended Plan and instead implementing government’s own unilateral plan for the region.  This new plan will see 71% of the region opened up for staking. Full story here.


PLT said…
Please consider this an open letter to the Yukon government.

As a Canadian, my heart sunk when I heard you had decided to spit on the best advice of the Peel Watershed Commission and recklessly barge ahead with still more destructive industrial development in your wonderful territory.

Just how much development is enough development for you, anyway?

If I understand correctly, even the Commission's own recommendations would have allowed for substantial development as it was. But, that apparently is not enough.

You invertebrates who seem to frequent the halls of power in Whitehorse obviously want it all. So, instead of acting on behalf of the people, you've chosen to leave a legacy of greed and destruction of our wild places in your wake.

I hope you sleep well tonight!