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Fate of Exxon's Burst Pegasus Pipeline to Be Decided in 2014

Inside Climate News Several other major pipelines intended to transport diluted bitumen from Canada's tar sands could be affected by the Pegasus outcome. Details here.

Canadian Approval of GE Salmon Egg Production Draws Criticism From US Safety Watchdog

Center for Food Safety The Center for Food Safety has denounced the Canadian government’s decision to approve commercial production of genetically modified (GM) salmon eggs on Prince Edward’s Island (PEI). Full story here.

The Silence of the Labs - The Fifth Estate - CBC TV

In the past few years, the government of Canada has cut funding to hundreds of renowned research institutes and programs. Ottawa has dismissed more than 2,000 federal scientists and researchers and has drastically cut or ended programs that monitored smoke stack emissions, food inspections, oil spills, water quality and climate change. Now some scientists have become unlikely radicals, denouncing what they call is a politically-driven war on knowledge. In 'Silence of the Labs', Linden MacIntyre tells the story of scientists - and what is at stake for Canadians - from Nova Scotia to the B.C. Pacific Coast to the far Arctic Circle. Go here to watch video. PLT: This episode will air on January 10th .