Friday, 10 March 2017

Trump's EPA Budget Details Announced

Trump's draft EPA budget: a love letter to Big Energy
Smokestacks and pollution
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Dear Larry -
Trump's draft EPA budget is in -- and it's one giant, water-poisoning, coal ash-spilling, asthma-inducing love letter to his Big Energy cronies.
The truly draconian document puts wildlife and human health in serious jeopardy by (among other things):
  • Halting the Clean Power Plan and its first-ever carbon emissions limits on dirty, coal-fired power plants.
  • Decimating the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative, which protects the planet's largest freshwater source, by slashing its funding from $300 million to $10 million.
  • Threatening the Chesapeake Bay, the country's largest estuary, by cutting funding for monitoring and compliance with environmental laws from $73 million to $5 million.
  • Stripping funding for toxic cleanup in communities contaminated by industrial waste.

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